The First Ever 

Born Fitness Retreat


Denver, CO

June 5-6, 2017

A.K.A. The What's Included Section

Yes, yes it is.

Workouts and Getting Swole

The Brick Paradise will be open for business.

Go Hiking and Be One With Nature

I mean, we're in Colorado.

Seminar on Fitness and Nutrition

Learn from the Born Fitness team.

Awesome Dinners

Food and drinks on us.


Beautiful Colorado. We will mostly be in Denver over the 2 days.

Powered by Born Fitness

All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.

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A Trip To Denver Sports Recovery

The body needs to recover. We got you covered here.

Meet The Entire Born Fitness Team

The entire team: Adam, Jordan, Rachel, Brian, Jules, Patrick, BJ, and The Intern.

Colorado Rockies Baseball Game

To end the two days we will take everyone to the game.

Hang With The Intern

Yes, you can see this little man.

And A Few Surprises :)

We can't tell you everything.

Holy Sh*t This Is All Included For $99?

The Tickets - SOLD OUT

The Location


A Short Message From The Boss

Q: Why are you doing this? You can't possibly be making money.
A: Because it's going to be a great two days with the Born Fitness Family.

Q: Do I need to be a certain fitness level?
A: Nope. We will have the entire Born Fitness staff to help attendees of all athletic abilities.

Q: How many people are going?
A: Only 8 people. We want this to be an intimate experience.

Q: Where's the retreat being held?
A: Denver, Colorado the home base for Born Fitness.

Q: Where should I stay?
A: After you sign-up, we will be happy to help you find accommodations. We will mostly be in the Denver/Cherry Creek. Here are our three recommendations based on affordability:

$$$: Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek
$$: Hilton Garden Inn Cherry Creek
$: Airbnb

Q: When do I need to arrive? When should I plan on leaving?
A: We will be starting at 9 AM MT on June 5th. We will be ending late on the June 6th so it would be best to leave on the 7th.

Q: Anything I need to do before coming?
A: Nope. Get ready for a great couple of days.

If you have any other questions please just email us at

I've always insisted that Born Fitness is a family – from coaching, to the blog posts, social media, and our private Facebook groups - I've wanted you to feel like a part of my life, and I wanted to be a part of yours. 

But there's one thing that's always been missing: some face-to-face bonding. That's why I created the Born Fitness retreat. It's a chance for all of us to get together to talk fitness and nutrition, train like champions, eat like kings, experience first-class recovery (cold tub anyone?), and have conversations about what's really important in life. 

More than anything, it's to our opportunity create memories we'll remember and enjoy. My value system is simple: I prioritize great people and memorable experiences above all else, and the retreat is the perfect combination of both.

In order to make this event what it should be, I'm keeping it super small and extremely cheap, so that it's available to anyone. Let's make the Born Fitness fam a little bit closer. 

I look forward to seeing you in Denver.