What did you think about online coaching before joining Born Fitness?

I was skeptical about online coaching in the beginning. I’m a hands on person, and I like learning when I have the ability to ask a question in person during a training session, for example. I believed that I wouldn’t see as good results  in comparison to a training session in the gym.

What did you think about online coaching after joining Born Fitness?

I’m so happy that I had the chance to work with Adam through online coaching. This experience made me realize that the online training is just as beneficial as a normal training session. Adams meal and workout plans were very detailed and catered to my goals. Every person has a story and goal in mind of what they want to accomplish. Some want to lose weight, others put on muscle. Adam customizes a plan that works for you, and he takes the time in doing so. He genuinely cares about his clients. 

What problems were you having with your fitness and diet before you joined Born Fitness coaching What from coaching helped you solve the problem?

My problem before was a lack of education in weight training and what I needed to do in order to see results. Adams online workout plan was extremely detailed providing videos of the workouts I needed to do. So if there was a time I wasn’t familiar with a certain exercise, I would just watch the attached video that would show how it is done. 

What specific results have you achieved as a result of Born Fitness coaching?

 My first result is education in the gym. Learning about certain exercises for different muscle groups of the body, and how to do them correctly. Second result is muscle growth. I have gained muscle since joining Born Fitness and even entered into my first bikini bodybuilding show.

What words of advice would you give to someone who is considering joining Born Fitness coaching now that you have gone through the program?

Adam is the most knowledagble person that I know in the fitness industry. He takes the time in learning about you and your goals and customizing a workout plan that works in your life. I would definitely recommend online coaching for anyone that wants to see results.