What did you think about online coaching before joining Born Fitness?

Before joining Born Fitness, I was not really sure what to expect. I have had experience with online coaching in the past, but it was strictly macronutrient management. I know Adam is a busy guy, so I was a little apprehensive about purchasing the program.

What did you think about online coaching after joining Born Fitness?

The online coaching experience was awesome. The use of the “Trainerize” app made everything extremely easy. Anytime I had a question or I wanted to refer to my workout routines or my progress photos, everything was condensed into one app.

I know Adam is extremely busy, but he still took to the time to answer any questions I had. Online coaching just made things way easier than hiring a personal trainer at any local gym. I went to the gym on my time based on the workout regiment and did not have to abide by someone else’s schedule.

What problems were you having with your fitness and diet before you joined Born Fitness coaching? What from coaching helped you solve the problem?

I was in a rut with both my fitness and my diet. Most of my lifts had stalled and although I was increasing my carbs and somewhat tracking my macros, I really wasn’t making any progress in the gym or in the mirror.

I was in a weird situation because when I started the program I was about 150 pounds and hovering between 11-12% body fat, which I was ok with. I have been desperately trying to put on some size and was continuing to fail. The specific macronutrient calculations really helped me understand what I was putting into my body.

Using the “Lose It” app made everything so easy. Usually when eating I would just count something as a protein based food or a carb only based food when the majority of things we eat everyday have protein, carbs and fats all together. The app helped me understand this and really helped me hit my macros every single day with ease.

What specific results have you achieved as a result of Born Fitness coaching?

The ultimate result I achieved as a result of Born Fitness is I can look in the mirror and feel satisfied with my physique. Im no longer lost and feel like I have developed a solid foundation from the program.

I started the program “Cracking the Muscle Code” because I have always been a smaller guy and was desperately looking to put on size. When I decided to purchase the program and received the first months workout, I can’t lie but I was pretty skeptical. I stuck to the program to the T, even when I disagreed with the regiment or didn’t understand the madness behind it.

I just believed in the program. Adam asked me take measurements every month and some of the ones I wanted to increase in size like my arms or my back, weren’t really budging. The thing was, I had failed to see the progress I had made in the mirror over the course of each month.

Thankfully for the progress photos on the app because when I compared my first photo to my last photo I really could not believe the difference in my body’s appearance. I started out the program at 150 pounds and 11.5% body fat and ended the program 144 pounds and 10% body fat. So, I lost 6 pounds, but when I look at my self in the mirror I look like I put on 10 pounds of muscle.

It’s amazing what the right diet and workout regimen can do to change your body. I kept seeing the numbers on the scale go down and I was honestly pretty confused until I compared my first photo to my last photo and then I was amazed. It really was not until I saw these two photos that I understood the program and design behind it. Adam truly knows what he’s doing and I know for a fact that my end product vision was clouded to some distorted image, but I am extremely proud of my results.

What words of advice would you give to someone who is considering joining Born Fitness coaching now that you have gone through the program?

If you know nothing about fitness and nutrition or you’re an intermediate lifter with mediocre results and really want to fine tune your diet and appreciate the results in the mirror, Adam is your guy.

If you do invest in the program, follow it exactly as written, don’t deviate. You hired a professional for a reason, believe in his knowledge and expertise. I was in a rut and Adam helped me get out of it and I am extremely grateful for that.

Adam thanks again for everything my man. I truly appreciate what you have done.

Best Regards,