I’d followed Born via social media for a while and his posts and articles always resonated with me as a balanced approach to loving health and fitness and living and enjoying your life beyond those aspects of it.

After joining his “muscle building” group online training program, I was happy to find those beliefs reflected in his approach. HIs programming was concise, and it helped me realize an even greater work capacity and focus in my training, which translated into huge strength gains over three months.

He somehow managed to get me to follow through with a proper warm-up and rolling protocol, which I’d persisted in skipping over previously, and it immensely helped my recovery from a minor non-training-related injury during the program and is something for which several of my fellow gym goers have since come to me for input.

My experience with him has helped increase my confidence in trusting my own instincts in my training and provided more tools and information that I can use going forward. Plus, he’s just a stand-up guy anyone would love to have in his or her corner.