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You wouldn’t trust a used car salesman to give the best deal on the best car — so why do we trust our health with search engines whose results are fueled by big advertisers?

If you have a trusted friend who has been a great lifetime mechanic, you’d start there first when looking to know which cars are most reliable.

Similarly, if you want to know how to get in shape, look and feel better than ever, know which food fads are legit, and which will fade faster than the Cookie Diet — you want a trusted friend. One who cuts through the B.S. and tells you exactly what to ignore and what is worth your time and energy.

Healthier, Happier, Fitter

Have you noticed how — despite more access to workouts and diet advice — it’s harder than ever to be healthy?

Information overwhelm, confusing science, and different opinions make every health decision more stressful than it needs to be. It’s difficult to know who to trust when each new diet fad is built on selling you something, only to flame out quickly with the next step of science.

It’s time to leave the hamster wheel of fitness frustration.

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What is Born Fitness+

Your Trusted Friend In The Fitness Industry

You don’t need more templated workouts and meal plans. Adding expensive superfoods isn’t the solution — and neither is restricting every possible allergen or source of inflammation. These are all distractions designed to make it feel like you’re not doing enough.

But, the problem isn’t you.

It’s the noise, distractions, and plans that make you focus on behaviors and restrictions that won’t make a major impact.

The best path to health is by ruthlessly ignoring junk information, taking action on the things that actually matter, and simplifying the process. If you combine that with support, answers, and accountability from an unbiased resource who actually cares, you see results that last — and stop stressing about everything that doesn’t matter.

We’re building a different type of fitness community that:

  • Wins by your success, not by sales: Because there’s a low monthly fee to join, we don’t have advertisers. All the advice, recommendations, and products are based on what works — not on what sells. You can trust the advice you get is the kind of advice you’d get from a friend with your best interest at heart.
  • Brings clarity by cutting through the clutter: The fitness and nutrition industry is overcrowded with manipulated research and opinions being posed as facts.
  • Is based on proven science and research: Most of health is based on fringe, singular studies. Many even focusing on animals. You’re not a rat and don’t need a bunch of “maybes.” Born Fitness+ only shares information and health tips that are backed by scientific proof that is backed by trusted research.
  • Built for real-people and real-life: We expect bad days, vacations, and a fluctuating scale (it’s normal, by the way). Our job is to help you navigate everything, feel better about the missteps, and bounce back better than ever.
  • Reduces stress and increases balance: A lot of your extra effort doesn’t lead to extra results. Your mental health, time, resources, play, family time, and connection are all aspects of health. We help you achieve what you want without sacrificing everything.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Weekly Live Q&A

Have your biggest questions answered by New York Times bestselling author and award-winning health editor Adam Bornstein and his head fitness and nutrition coaches at Born Fitness. Like having a trusted friend in the fitness industry, you can count on Adam to deliver no-b.s., research-based, fitness truths — including which diets don’t work, why long workouts are not necessary, and which behaviors will really help you live longer and feel better.

Connected Community

Our members-only environment is designed for thoughtful and respectful conversation on the topics that matter with direct advice that will help you take action and improve your life. Whether you’re looking for the best diet for your lifestyle or how to make sense of what type of workout will help you achieve your goals, you’ll find it here.

Expert Interviews and Training

Want to know where diets go wrong? What about the best foods for heart health? Tired of hurting your back and knees exercising? We’re building a masterclass of fitness and nutrition, including our guide to intermittent fasting, jumpstarting fat loss, how to enjoy alcohol (without wrecking your health), understanding Vitamin D, and so much more.

Exclusive Articles and Newsletter

Born Fitness+ is built around the topics the community is buzzing about. Each week, you’ll access cutting-edge resources for the most popular trends, and takedowns of the trends that you can ignore. With a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening in the fitness industry and why, each week you’ll fine-tune your ability to know what matters — and what to ignore.

Accountability and Support

Bad days happen and confusion feels inevitable. But, your frustration doesn’t have to undercut your goals. We’re here to offer weekly support to keep you from falling off the wagon when life happens to push you off track.

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It’s time to turn towards a trusted source 

Your health is the best investment you can make. Born Fitness+ focuses on the expert insights and advice that will make the biggest difference in your life — and help you remove the distractions that hold you back.

Now, you’re in the center of the conversations that matter most.

You are not alone. The frustrations of the past and confusion in the present are shared by all in the Born Fitness+ members-only community. No hate. No trolls. Just a shared desire to become better, fitter, and healthier with expert guidance that’s designed for real life.


How much does it cost?

The cost is $9.99 per month or $79.99 for the entire year.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds. 

How is this different from your coaching program?

Our coaching program provides personalized fitness and nutrition programs. The Born Fitness+ community provides access to the best experts to discuss your most pressing questions, provide support, and help make sense of the confusing world of health. 

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Just email us at, and we will answer any questions you have. 

Together, We Succeed

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“By working with Adam Bornstein, they aligned themselves with one of the most trusted names in health.”

-The Wall Street Journal

“You have helped me break a 10-year cycle of being an underdog and having poor confidence to help create change and that takes tremendous strength.”

– Emily, born fitness client

“Your guidance has gotten me much farther and much faster than anything else I’ve done in terms of looking my best.”

– Mike, Born Fitness Client

“Only thing I can say is, that I’m glad I don’t have to do this alone. There is quite a bit to figure out and I’m happy to be coached at this point.”

– Samuel, Born Fitness Client