The Fastest Way to Do More Pushups

If you want to be fit, you don’t need to start with free weights or fancy machines. The foundation of fitness is movement. And the movements you need to master for any exercise start with your bodyweight. If you can’t do a pushup (or many of them), you’re likely wasting your time (or setting yourself up […]

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Beware of the Next Trend 

There are many factors that contribute to poor health — food hyper-palatability, high-stress lifestyles, and confusing misinformation — are all near the top of the list. But on a purely social level, the desire to chase the next trend is a big part of the problem.

Jillian Michaels Instagram post about protein consumption Nutrition

PLEASE STOP: Jillian Michaels

In a recent Instagram post, Jillian Michaels (of The Biggest Loser fame) shared the “dangers” of eating more than 30% of your daily calories from protein. “Dangers” are in quotes for a good reason. Unfortunately, she made very definitive claims, many of which are simply not supported by science.

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5-Minute Finishers: How To Speed Progress

No matter the skill—torching body fat, improving flexibility, or increasing muscle size— you’re going to have to put in the repetitions. Lucky for us, this process can be accomplished by adding 5-minute finishers—simple workout circuits—to the end of your program.

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