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How to Lose Fat Without Squats or Deadlifts

Losing fat is difficult during the best of times. But, what about trying to get as lean as you’ve ever been while battling a back injury and working with limited equipment? Now that’s a challenge. But, our online coaching client Mitch did just that, dropping 11 pounds over 2 months.  Mitch got into incredible shape. […]


Sentenced To Life

I looked at my dad. Then down at my phone. 10:32 pm. July 21. 2023. My dad was gone. On Friday night, I watched my father — my Superman — take his final breath. It was a moment of peace for a man at war for three years. My dad was diagnosed with terminal brain […]


How To Have a Great Workout, Every Workout

Some weeks, you might not be feeling your workouts. It happens to all of us. Whether you’ve got a lot going on at work or sleeping terribly, you will be lagging some days.  Here’s the key: It’s not about pushing the limits; it’s about learning how to have a great workout every time, no matter […]