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Welcome to That’s Healthy, Right? a podcast that solves your most common fitness and nutrition questions in just a few minutes. Each episode, we separate the tricks from the truth, so you can have more clarity, master your own body, and live a healthier life.

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The Ketogenic Diet Is Not What You Think – Ketogenic diets have grown in popularity because of the overwhelming belief that they are a superior way to burn fat — but is that actually true?  In this episode of That’s Healthy, Right? host Adam Bornstein breaks down what you can really expect from the ketogenic diet. Does it help you burn more fat? How […]

What Will a Protein Shake Really Do to Your Body? – The myth of protein as a viable weight gaining macronutrient started in the ‘80s, somewhere between The Terminator and Hair Metal. So why does the misinformation about protein and bulk persist when most protein shakes are only around 100 calories? In this episode of That’s Healthy, Right? host Adam Bornstein looks at the scientific differences […]

We Have Been Asking the Wrong Question about Breakfast – As a kid, you were probably indoctrinated with the same age-old nutritional wisdom that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For a moment, forget the criticisms of your typical (unhealthy) breakfast and assume that everything you’re eating for your first meal of the day is healthy. Is breakfast essential? Is it the […]

A Forensic Analysis of the Benefits of Lemon Water – Have you ever wondered whether or not the glowing health claims about lemon water are true? We sure did (as we sip on the enjoyable drink). In this episode of That’s Healthy, Right? host Adam Bornstein examines the science behind the 3 biggest claims to understand: Does lemon water improve digestion? Can lemon water improve […]

Everything You Know about Icing Is Wrong – It might blow your mind, but everything you think you know about icing an injury is likely incorrect.  In this episode of That’s Healthy, Right? host Adam Bornstein digs into a reversal by the godfather of the RICE protocol (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), the latest research on the best way to manage inflammation, and […]

The Fountain of Immunity: Can You Prevent COVID-19? – During times of fear and panic, you’ll always find marketers waiting to take advantage. Unfortunately, that’s been the case during the pandemic of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). While the health of your immune system is always important, understanding how your immune system works — and what it can and can’t do to protect you from […]

The Fatal Flaw of Collagen Supplements – “Sometimes the hype is real,” and if you’ve been hearing a lot more about the importance of collagen protein recently, it’s because it’s still the hot supplement on the block. But, if you want to take collagen there are some big red flags that you need to be aware of before you purchase the pricey […]

What No One Tells You about Probiotics and the Microbiome – Have you ever wondered how your gut health affects your overall immunity, metabolism, and more? You’re not alone. Interest has surged recently … and charlatans have taken notice. In the inaugural episode of That’s Healthy, Right? host Adam Bornstein digs into the importance of the microbiome, the ecosystem that comprises your overall gut health. He […]

Teaser For That’s Healthy, Right? – Celebs and popular diet books beware. That’s Healthy, Right? is an unfiltered look at what it really takes to improve your fitness and nutrition once the marketing mind tricks have been removed. Every episode, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning health journalist Adam Bornstein takes the most common questions and beliefs and simplifies them to help you […]