“Adam Bornstein is one of the top 10 influencers making a difference in the world of fitness.” –Sharecare

You might not know my name, but you’ve certainly read my work. Maybe it was in Men’s Health. Maybe it was in the New York Times. Or maybe you read my blog online, saw me on TV, or stumbled across one of my books in the bookstore.

If you’ve ever searched for health, fitness, or nutrition information, there’s a good chance I’ve played a role in creating the content you read. I’m the guy behind the guy. The person that interviews all the experts, works with all the smartest people in the industry, and turns the thoughts of the best minds in the world into information that you can use to live a healthier life.

I’m Adam Bornstein. And I’m driven by one purpose: To transform your body and help you live the life you want. I’ve written for every major publication and have reached more than 100 million people through articles, blogs, videos, and my books.  And now, I want to bring my own brand of fitness information to the forefront.

Why now? I’ve decided that there’s too much noise in the fitness industry. You have lots of questions and there are too many answers. So I want to simplify the process and tell you what you really need to know. Filter out the crap and help you make sense of your body.

That’s what this site is all about. Providing you with more great information and tips. From how to exercise more effectively, to the foods that will really help you lose weight, and even making sense of the latest health headlines—this site is about answering your questions.

How is this different from any other fitness site? For one, now you can work with my experts and me one-on-one. I want to bring the best information to you more directly. I want to pair you with fitness plans, diets, and recipes that simplify your life.

Here’s a sample of what I’ll be offering at this site:

  • A place to interact and have your voice heard
  • Weekly updates on all topics relating to fitness, health, nutrition and lifestyle. Want to know how to really lose fat?  It’s here. How to find the workout for your body? Yeah, I’ll cover it. What about the best restaurants for a healthy meal or the best hotel gyms? I’m tackling it all. And if something isn’t covered, just ask.
  • Catered fitness and nutrition plans. I work with the best in the industry, so it’s time to share that information in a way that goes beyond the average article.
  • Expert Q&A’s: You come to the site, and you’ll find more big names here than anywhere else.
  • Food…because I love it and we all have to eat
  • Behind the scenes look at athletes, experts, and upcoming projects
  • Giveaways! I want you to try out everything, from apps and supplements, to exclusive opportunities to be featured in books and articles. You are the heart of this site.

On the surface this site might seem like it’s about me, but in reality it’s about you. It’s giving you a chance to directly influence the information you discover online, in magazines, and in books. I’m just giving you access to the guy that can make sure your voice is heard.

So thank you for visiting Born Fitness. I’m here to rewrite the rules so that you can tell a better story.