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“When I decided to get back into the fitness game, I sought out the best and brightest experts in the field. In that search, I asked everyone from my fans to my advisers who they recommended looking at. Without fail [Adam] Bornstein kept floating to the top.”

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The Unstoppable Force of Change

On a ski getaway in Jackson Hole in January 2013, near the bottom of a long run where several trails filtered together, Lindy hit an ice patch or caught an edge – no one is quite sure – and she fell. She slid to the edge of the trail and hit a signpost, back-first.

“Nothing crazy,” Chad says. “Nothing fast. It just happened.”

“It” was a life-altering moment: Lindy had a burst fracture in her C5 and C6 vertebrae, which is technical terminology meaning the bones in her lower neck shattered and damaged her spinal cord.

She was paralyzed from the armpits down.

"One of the best health sites...Bornstein has worked in the health and fitness industries for years, first as an editor and now as a fitness professional, and you can be sure he knows his stuff."

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To Hell and Back: The Untold Story of Male Eating Disorders

Patrick Devenny was a football kid. He didn’t just love the game. He was built for it, with the 6’3” frame and all the muscle it could hold. He blossomed his senior year at Granite Bay High School in northern California as a quarterback and all-area MVP, which brought out the recruiters. After graduating in 2005, he took his game – and big frame – to the University of Colorado where they converted him to tight end. Five years later, in the spring of 2010, he got a shot with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent.

Real People, Real Results: The Total Life Transformation

Ten years ago, Mary Beth Eckersley weighed 400 pounds.

Okay, technically it was 395, but coming in 5 pounds light doesn’t have quite the same psychological effect as, say, pricing a vacuum cleaner at $395 so you don’t feel like you’re paying $400. At that level of obesity, your heart, liver, and pancreas won’t give you credit for five pounds. For Eckersley’s part, she puts it dryly: “I was exceptionally large.”

She had all the baggage that goes with that kind of weight: Lousy diet, no fitness, low self-esteem, the works. At her age – then 45 – she knew that when it came to her long-term health, it was quite literally do-or-die time. She made some changes and she dropped 100 pounds.

Adopting the Born Fitness coaching program in my life was the best decision I've ever made. Adam started as my mentor, whose duties went far beyond simply a coach. He was my therapist, consultant, nutritionist, trainer, friend and you name it. I have struggled with my weight and body image since I as 14 years old.

Liv Langdon

My love for fitness and nutrition led me to search for a reliable coach. After trying several different programs, I found Born Fitness. After staying with them for over a year now, I have gained so much knowledge with nutrition guidance and fitness. We truly are a family!

Suzanne T, Current Coaching Client

The thing I love the most about Born Fitness is that the coaches will really go out of their way to answer any questions I have. To me this is what 5-star coaching looks like. They really do care about their clients.

Al H, Current Coaching Client

"Born Fitness is one of the most inspiring sources in all of health and fitness."

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“Born Fitness provides smart, timely, no-hype fitness and nutrition information. They aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.”