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More than 50 million people have trusted Born Fitness content and programs to power their health and fitness goals. Forget smoke and mirrors. This is a brand built on real information, real people, and real results.

Our Mission

Born Fitness started out of frustration - your frustration that was the result of too much information, too many conflicting ideas, and enough empty promises to fill all the bookshelves in your home.

With all the technological advances in the world, it's an odd coincidence that people are becoming less healthy and more confused than ever. That's why Adam Bornstein left high-level positions at some of the largest health and fitness brands in the world to develop Born Fitness with the vision of simplifying the messages while amplifying the payoff and benefits to your life.

What you now see is a pulse that beats against bad content and misleading snake-oil solutions, while offering hands-on assistance that makes health inclusive for everyone.

Born Fitness is focused on making sure that health is not an issue of the haves vs. the have-nots. Instead, it's simply a matter of having access to the right information that fits into your preferences and then following the steps to a better life.

Our Story

Many people have seen my name in magazines, on TV, or on best-selling book lists. But I'm not going to mention the details of any of those here.

Life doesn't happen in montages.

Looking back at my approach to fitness, it's probably everything that isn't highlighted that has made Born Fitness a place where people can either start their fitness journey or become elite.

The truth is, I've probably made more mistakes than every person I've ever met—combined.

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I lifted weights without instruction and never took time to be coached. I pushed through injuries, which only caused more injuries. I avoided all dietary fats. And then I avoided all carbs. To top it off, I ate hundreds... and hundreds... and hundreds of grams of protein. And I made several girlfriends suffer through the "ass of fire years." (My sincerest apologies.)

I felt supplements were evil and took none. And then I tried every (legal) supplement in an attempt to become bigger and leaner.

I bulked. I cut. I ran. I swam. I did yoga. And I lifted weights-big weights (eventually) and small weights. I did high reps, low reps, timed reps, Tabatas, and Tae-Bo. I've tried every type of HIIT training, low-intensity cardio, and kettlebell workouts imaginable.

I've tried ab machines, tested crazy cleanses, and had a shake or two of the Shake Weight. I even used pink dumbbells one time to impress a girl. To no one's surprise, it didn't work.

But I never stopped working at it.

And then one day I tried to do something different and learn from other areas where I was actually successful. I was always a good student, and part of the reason of my success is that I never focused on grades. Instead of stressing about goals, I looked at the process.

I didn't worry about how much weight I lost or strength I gained; instead, I focused on learning what techniques worked. And I spent my time learning how to exercise correctly and improve movements. By shifting my focus to different goals and removing the stress of the minor, I discovered a philosophy that changed my life, shaped my career, and allowed me to transform my body.

I am a model of failure, and that is why I have succeeded. I never quit.

And I never stopped learning or worrying about how long it took to make changes. I measured myself by different metrics of progress. Did I learn something new? Did I set a new goal? Did I try a new exercise, eat a healthier food, or ask a new question about something I didn't know?

Most importantly, I discovered every life is worth living the way you want. But no life can be lived without a concentrated effort to include healthy behaviors as part of your lifestyle.

Driven By One Purpose

I'm asked all the time about my favorite piece of advice. So here it is. Your health isn't limited to a gym, a diet, or the image you see in the mirror.

Your health is what you make of it. The real distinction between healthy and unhealthy is giving a damn about your body, and making sure you do something ‐ heck, anything ‐ consistenly so that you can live a long, active life, take care of your self, and take care of others in this world.

I’m a big believer in goals, good behaviors, and in sharing options that are sustainable. What frustrates me more than anything is that we’ve gotten away from the real goal; we must find smarter ways to make exercise and healthier eating a seamless part of everyone’s life.

Notice I didn’t say lifting weights or cardio, recommend a certain diet, or even prescribe flawless healthy eating.

Do I have opinions on my favorites strategies? Of course I do. But I refuse to be dogmatic and insist there’s only one right way.

That approach is a recipe for failure.

Only a very small group of people inherently loves all healthy behaviors. And I’ll be honest—I’ve become one of those people. Feed me Brussels sprouts and chicken all day, and I’ll walk around with a bigger grin than the Enzyte guy. But that’s not normal.

We need to do a better job of redefining all the different faces of health.

I believe that dessert can be part of a healthy eating plan. Or that walking can be a perfectly suitable form of exercise. If these are the behaviors that you enjoy, then you can—and should—find a way to make them part of your life.

Don’t fit your square life into a circle hole of someone else’s definition of fitness.

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Why Now?

The industry is broken. Not in the "we have no good people" type of way. There are lots of good trainiers, nutritionists, researchers, and writers.

But the best messages are being muted and lost. We're losing the battle to magic pills, quick supplements, and faulty science. And the results are there for all of us to see by the number of people who struggle wit their weight - and those don't. Too many people are frustrated.

My journey has created a simple goal. To help identify the best diets, types of exercises and workouts, and various strategies that you can apply to your life to be more fit, feel better, and live stronger.

And if those options also help you build more muscle, lose your belly, deadlift 400 pounds, or shed the baby weight, then great. Those are extra bonuses.

Your job is to find out what options exist. Healthy living is a buffet. And while there’s definitely some bad Szechuan chicken lurking (yeah, that’s my metaphor for bad info), there are too many good options to walk away without easily being satisfied and living a healthy life.

Therein lies the bigger message: There’s no reason for you to be stressed or feel that a better body, a better mindset, or a better life isn’t for you.

I encourage you to explore the numerous options that exist. Exercise the way you want, whether it’s in the gym, on the field, or in your home. Eat healthier foods most of the time, and—if you want—indulge in some not so healthy foods.

If my journey has shown me anything, it’s that the signs are there every day. I’ve seen some amazing changes from some incredible people. And most of the time, the individuals thank me for showing them the way.

My response: Don’t thank me. Thank you.

Thank you for having the courage to pursue what lives deep within your soul. To answer the call that can be so intimidating and scary. And to open your eyes and see that you can have the life you want.

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