The Unstoppable Force of Change

Editor’s Note: The people I meet are easily the best part of running Born Fitness. Every day I experience inspiration that proves real people can accomplish amazing things. These are their stories. Let them inspire you to live your best life. -AB People just love playing word games with themselves and each other. When you work in […]

To Hell and Back: The Untold Story of Male Eating Disorders

Patrick Devenny was a football kid. He didn’t just love the game. He was built for it, with the 6’3” frame and all the muscle it could hold. He blossomed his senior year at Granite Bay High School in northern California as a quarterback and all-area MVP, which brought out the recruiters. After graduating in […]

Real People, Real Results: The Total Life Transformation

The primary question: Where to begin? Mary Beth Eckersley’s story has so many entry points, so many rollercoaster-in-the-dark ups and downs, that it’s hard to decide. But it’s harder still to distill an entire life into “entry points.” Losing weight is a side benefit. Fitness and diet are all about making the attempt and taking the […]