What did you think about online coaching before joining Born Fitness?

I used to be skeptical about online coaching. But I did end up trying a couple other online programs prior to Born Fitness. I didn’t realize it until after the fact, but they were not lifestyle, long-term programs.

One was your typical, cookie-cutter program of chicken and brown rice. Boring! Sure it worked, but it was not sustainable and honestly, it made me a little crazy. I also felt that I need more reassurance and attention to what my body needed. It wasn’t just about looking good for me. I wanted to feel good, look good and eat delicious food.

What did you think about online coaching after joining Born Fitness?

After joining Born Fitness, I knew it was not like the other programs. I’ve paid more money to get the standard fish, chicken, broccoli and brown rice diet and 1+ hour of cardio per day. News flash, anyone can lose weight that way. But that’s a miserable, unsustainable, life-sucking and unhealthy way to do it. That’s not the philosophy at Born Fitness. They meet you where you are and teach you a complete healthy lifestyle.

What problems were you having with your fitness and diet before you joined Born Fitness coaching What from coaching helped you solve the problem?

Beforehand, I went on extreme fad diets, over-trained, did too much cardio and my weight yo-yo’ed a lot. It was exhausting. I felt like crap, and I looked like crap. What was going on inside my body was worse. My cortisol levels were through the roof, I had bad sleeping habits and I binged after restricting certain foods for so long.

It’s taken me almost two years to find that balance again. Born Fitness was part of that. It made training fun again, I didn’t feel like that nutty, diet chick when I went out to eat, and I didn’t have this huge guilty conscious when I missed a workout.

What specific results have you achieved as a result of Born Fitness coaching?

I’ve been able to maintain my goal weight while continuing to build lean muscle mass, specifically in the booty region. I didn’t want to have to go through a “bulking season” in order to grow certain muscles. Born Fitness has not only catered to a training regime that is fun, ever-changing and sustainable, but it has allowed me to achieve physical goals that I’ve wanted while enjoying life (and food).

What words of advice would you give to someone who is considering joining Born Fitness coaching now that you have gone through the program?

Adopting the Born Fitness coaching program in my life was the best decision I’ve ever made. Adam started as my mentor, whose duties went far beyond simply a coach. He was my therapist, consultant, nutritionist, trainer, friend and you name it. I have struggled with my weight and body image since I as 14 years old.

It is horrible all the pressures that young teens face, and it has only become worse. During high school and college, I developed a pattern of unhealthy habits to the opposite extreme of being borderline obsessed dieting and working out. My weight (and sanity) was a roller coaster. This past year and a half, I have finally realized what it is like to live a balanced life. I feel like I tossed around that word before not actually realizing what it meant. Balanced is being able to have a glass of wine (or three) with your girlfriends and not feel guilty about it.

Balanced is having dessert occasionally and loving every bite. Balanced is going to the gym, doing yoga, or running on the beach because you WANT to, not have to. I have learned to eat healthy and workout as a lifestyle choice, not a diet and exercise plan for a necessity. That’s what Born Fitness is all about. When the coaching position opened up, I jumped at the opportunity! I survived all the low points, and all I want to do is help guide you through the process faster, with less stress and more happiness.

I’m a major foodie—you may have seen my recipes on the site—so I know what it means when you say you can’t live with chocolate, or pizza, or ice cream. We make it work! I want you to look damn good, but you best your firm booty you’re going to enjoy the process of getting there. And when the going gets tough, we can always use another person on our side, so I’m here to have your back.

XO, Olivia