The Hype Machine: Do Detoxes Really Work?

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Dear Liver/Kidney Detox Diet Plan Lovers,

Please consider this information before assuming that healthy foods and the most popular detox diet will cleanse your liver or kidneys.

Your liver is your toxic removal system. Unless you have a liver disease, the bad stuff just doesn't load up in there.

The idea of detoxing is inherently flawed. Why?
Because your organs do not store toxins the way you might think.

Your liver is a cleansing system. It takes the crap in your body, runs them through chemical reactions, and then eliminates as bile. That’s the reason why any detox from here until the end of time just won’t do most of what it promises unless the human body evolves.

Your liver is your toxic removal system. Unless you have a liver disease, the bad stuff just doesn’t load up in there.

Your kidneys? They function in a very similar fashion and also dump waste byproducts. If not, then it stays in your blood stream. Not your kidneys.

So if your kidney’s and liver are functioning, then there’s no need to detox them.

If you want to eat healthy foods for other reasons, please indulge and eat up. If you like a good greens juice for the nutritional value, please drink up. I know I enjoy them.

But just be honest with yourself about what’s actually happening in your body, and don’t purchase with the belief that it will fix health problems that aren’t even really an issue.

Want to learn more about the cleansing process and limitations of detox diets? Read more here.


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