The People’s Gym Rules

Lots of people go to the gym. And yet, about 60 to 80 percent of memberships go unused. There are many reasons why, but no doubt part of it has to do with the environment. With that in mind, I polled people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook to determine what “#gymrules” you would like to see instituted at every fitness facility. This compilation of responses serves as, “The People’s Gym Rules.”

I’ve included two lists: The first covers basic rules that were most commonly shared or retweeted on social. The second list includes (some bitter) responses that were too entertaining not to acknowledge.

The 12 Rules of the Gym (Social Media Edition)

Rule 1: Be gym-kind. Be welcoming and leave judgment at the door @ketch

Rule 2: Everyone in the gym is equal! Everyone started somewhere. @ScottWaters84

Rule 3: Leave your supplement bar at home. We all know you’re huge, you don’t need to impress us by toting around all your products on the gym floor @MyTrainrMichael

Rule 4: Get off your phone. If you talk more than using then weights then leave. @danagoulet

Rule 5: If someone has earphones on, it means they’re not here to talk @XGibran

Rules 6: No Lifting your top up and checking your abs when you think nobody is watching (someone always is) @FitBlastChester

Rule 7: No matter how bad their form is, unless they are on the verge of injuring themselves, keep it to yourself @texasdago

Rule 8: If you’re strong enough to put the weigh on and lift it, you’re strong enough to take it off

Rule 9: Check your ego at the door. @brocurl

Rule 10: Be aware of others waiting for you to move @stphenmacht

Rule 11: Warmup before exercise @Dennis_Mulligan

Rule 12: Work hard. Enjoy (@bornfitness)


Gym Rules: What We Think But Do Not Say

Rule 1: Unlike George Clinton, we DON’T want the funk @LarryKegley

Rule 2: No underpants on show. Pull your shorts up! @AtaFitGirl

Rule 3: Stop pretending you’re a boxer @danagoulet

Rule 4: No fanny packs @onezendad

Rule 5: No curling in the squat rack @stupidfreshmag

Rule 6: No nudity while talking to other people in the locker room @senakerseminole

Rule 7: Always have farting etiquette @DrGMG

Rule 8: No cell phone selfies in the mirror @patricknoland

Rule 9: Take off the sunglasses when you’re on the gym floor. @GrantPierce

Rule 10: If you sweat like a hooker in church, wipe down your equipment. STAPH infections aren’t fun @dtbaze

Rule 11: Unless you use a blow dryer to dry your entire body at home, there is no justification for doing so in the men’s locker room @therealtworth

Rule 12: Gym buddies taking off their shirts simultaneously shouldn’t be allowed @dblue916

Rule 13: If your makeup is fully in tact: get out. You’re not at a nightclub @1000squats

Were any rules missed? If so, include them in the comments below. If there are common responses, I’ll add them to the top list. If there are other funny comments (within reason and realistic), I’ll add them to the bottom list.

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