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Do You Believe in Lindy?

Lindy and her son Beren

“Why do you work out so hard?”

I could hear the words coming from behind, but I wasn’t sure if they were directed at me.

“Hey, bro. Why do you work out so hard?

I stepped away from the trap bar, turned around, and acknowledged the trainer to my left. He was leaning against the wall, talking to me while looking up at the TV.

“You’re always in here working like crazy. Why do you do it?”

I looked at him with an emotionless face and told him, “Why not?” Not wanting to be interrupted, I let my one-word answer suffice and went back to my deadlifts.

I remember being frustrated that day. It’s the type of negativity that I try to limit, but I was irritated; I was surprised by the oddity of the question, and bothered that it was even asked at all.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so upset. Maybe my reaction was overblown. But the one thing that I now know is that I gave the wrong answer.

The Day It All Changed

I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been to write this blog, let alone put everything into context. But I feel an obligation to try.

I haven’t thought about that interaction with the trainer for about six months, but tonight it found its way into my head.  It all started with an email I received from Chad, one of my online clients.

I was walking back to my office when I saw the message waiting for me. The subject read: “Thoughts and prayers for Lindy.”

I swallowed hard and was afraid to open the email. I had the same reaction as when I wake up in the dark of night convinced someone is in my house—an awkward mix of nervousness, anxiety, and fear.

Call it a gut feeling. Call it intuition. But I knew something was wrong.

It was just a day ago I was emailing Chad. He was on vacation with his wife Lindy, another one of my online clients.  Lindy has a special charm. She’s the type of person that emails you videos of her baby Beren, and has goals like “Lose baby weight and survive the Zombie apocalypse.”

Chad and Lindy were on a ski vacation, and he was joking about how they’d gone a little lax on their diet because they figured all the calories they were burning on the slopes would even things out. I told him that it’s vacation and that he should enjoy.

Actually that was my last word, “Enjoy.”

I finally opened the email. Chad’s message started in the worst of ways: “I hate to bring you this awful news…”

Chad wanted my help. Lindy suffered a serious injury in a ski accident, and had multiple spinal fractures. She was life-flighted off the mountain for emergency surgery.

I read the words over and over, as my tears landed on my iPhone. It hit a little too close to home. I remember a similar message in the form of a call from my brother just a few years ago, letting me know that my father was taken by flight for life after a skiing accident.

I kept reading, only being able to process the important pieces.

“Odds are against her ever walking…”

“Or holding her baby…”

“I don’t know where we will go from here…”

When I was done, I sped home to hug my wife. I told her I loved her. And then I took my phone, wrote to Chad, gathered myself and filmed a video for Lindy.

The Importance of Strength

The video was short and simple. There’s not much you can say to someone when they are at the start of a new journey that will be tough and arduous. But that’s what I viewed it as; not an end or a beginning—just a new journey. A new challenge. And that’s what I wanted to share. My message ended with the most important reminder:

“You take care, you get better soon, and you stay strong.”

Strong. The word had new meaning now. For years I’ve seen how building physical strength can help improve mental and emotional strength. I’ve even documented how lifting weights changed my entire life, saved me from injury and doubt, and served as a beacon of hope for so many people in the darkest of times.

But now I believed that in this moment, few things were more important than strength. I was convinced that if Lindy stayed strong, that everything would be ok.

After thinking about it over and over again, I know that Lindy will be ok. I’ve already seen what she can do. How hard she works. And the type of incredible human being she is. The accident changes none of that. It only creates a new challenge.

I know that she will push on, fight, and create happiness. That’s just who she is. And she can do it because she’s strong. I’m not naïve. I know many challenges and hardships—physical, mental, and emotional—wait ahead. And while I don’t know what her future world looks like, I do believe that it will be ok as long as she continues to stays strong.

Why Do You Workout?

Two hours after I sent the video to Chad, I received his response:

“Lindy’s day is made. First goal identified: Holding [baby] Beren.”

I’m writing this now not because I wanted to share a private story, but because I want you to help Lindy build her strength.

One day ago Lindy was perfectly healthy and making the most of her life. She was active, doing what she wanted, and taking the most of her opportunities.

One day later, things have changed. But her spirit has not. Her desire has not. And a will to create the life she wants still burns within her.

That’s why I believe she will hold Beren. That’s why I believe in Lindy.  She represents the mindset that I would wish upon everyone. No matter what: Do everything in your power to build the life you want.

I stayed up all night thinking about Lindy. Praying for her, and believing that she will hold her beautiful baby boy.

As I’ve tried to process everything that’s happened, the story with the trainer popped into my head. At first I was upset at myself for thinking about such a random event. It didn’t make sense. But I felt like my mind was trying to tell me something; a lesson that I could take forward and share.

Why do I train so hard?

The answer: I do it because I can.

It’s the same reason I love my wife, I love my family, and approach everything with an unbridled passion and optimism. I do it because I can.

I refuse to use Lindy as a cautionary tale. She is a story of motivation, inspiration, and strength. And that’s why I want your help.

Do you believe in Lindy?

If so, share this message with your friends. Comment on this post and share your thoughts. Spread the word on Twitter with the hashtag #BelieveInLindy. She is reading and listening. Let her know that you believe in her as much as she believes in herself.

My hope is that our strong belief—combined with her own strength—will help Lindy hold her son Beren. Why? Because she can.

Make it Count,


About Adam Bornstein

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  • Chris Schreiber

    Let them know that people will be praying for them.

  • Kelly P Jones

    Prayers for Lindy!

  • Greg

    I may not Tweet, but I sure do believe in Lindy!

  • Jenelle

    There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child. Lindy I know you’ll be holding your baby again and SOON! Prayers to you and yours!!!!

  • LO

    I believe in Lindy for every reason you mentioned. She is strong and competitive, yet has heart and compassion for everyone she meets. Truly blessed to know Lindy. I know she will hold her baby and accomplish so much more. Love to her and the family.

  • Matt Kenny

    I’m praying for you.

  • Mary Flynn

    I don’t tweet or facebook, but I BELIEVE IN LINDY. I’ve always believed she is one of the strongest persons I know – physically, mentally, and spiritually. A multitude of Prayer Warriors in Griffin, Georgia are praying for her and the family. Love always.

  • Lindsey

    praying and believing for you, Lindy and so many others are too.

  • Linda Cash

    I believe in Lindy. She is strong, determined and a prayer warrior. Lindy will hold Beren and much more. Lindy, you have a group of prayer warriors with you at every turn. We all love you.
    Linda Cash

  • Stacey Duncan

    Lindy went to college with me where we were in the same sorority. I am older than her but remember her infectious smile and positive attitude. I believe in Lindy and am thankful to have been blessed to be influenced by her wonderful attitude. I know she will hold her Baby Beren!! We all support you Lindy!! Love Stacey Hemlepp Duncan

  • Eliabeth

    praying for you and believing in you.

  • Jordan

    Be strong, stay movtivated and pray hard! Don’t know the future but know who holds it! God gives us FIGHT for a reason…use it!

  • Kathy

    I believe in Lindy and miracles!

  • Emily Crouch Burden

    I believe in you!!

  • Lori Beasmore

    One of many people believing in Lindy and praying for her everyday! #believeinLindy

  • Cindy Swafford

    Lindy, is a special lady and with her spirit and determination she will prove the doctors wrong. She has God in control and many people praying for her and her family!
    Lindy, Howard Elementary is behind you and praying!

    Cindy Swafford

  • Pat Weinandy Bour

    Lindy, I am Jenny Murphy’s mother, and I truly believe in you! I feel as though I know you and your adorable little boy, and I believe that you will be holding him very soon. You are young and determined, and I know that the strength to fight is deep down inside you! You know, God never gives us more than we can handle. There is so much love for you and so many prayers being said that you are already well on your way!

  • Barbara

    Lindy, we’ve never met, but please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I believe with you that you will hold Beren again.

  • Emmet

    Self belief and positivity are the biggest healers. Believe and you shall achieve. #BelieveinLindy.

  • Joanna Melton

    I believe in Lindy! Prayers that God will do more than we can ask or
    imagine in Lindy’s life.

  • Gary Bozman

    Lindy as I read your story and look at the picture of a beautiful woman and child there is one thing I’d like for you to know. Love will get you thru hard times. As you can read many who you never met and probably never will are praying and pulling for you and most of all love you. During your darkest hours please remember you can do it, you will do it and nothing will stop you. If you think you can’t we know you can, I look foward to the day when you hold your precious child. Thank God you are still here and have a chance to live and love. Bless your heart and those of your family and friends. I truly believe in you and your will, you are not alone and never will be.

    • Clinard Home Improvement

      Lindy, I am Tisha Stanley I work at Clinard Home Improvement with Dillon’s Dad Tony. Gery Bozman here is a great friend of mine, I have so many people cheering and most of all PRAYING for you sweet girl!!! This is just a bump in the road for you, God will heal you and you will hold that son of yours…Remember one thing, say it to yourself “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR” !!!!! Amen We are all looking forward to you coming home and meeting you!!!

  • Scott Indermuehle

    I believe in Lindy because she believes in our Father, the great healer. Jesus specializes in difficult situations and medical miracles and I know his healing hands are with her now. Lindy is strong, and along side his strength in healing she will be a walking testimony that his power is above all.

  • Louise Nathanson

    Lindy May you feel the love and prayer of your family, friends and strangers each and everyday. Sending you the strength to live each day with hope, determination and a smile.

  • Lori

    Lindy is a ray of sunshine in our lives. My best friend, the sweetest new mom, the best wife. If anyone can do this, it is her. I believe in Lindy.

  • Connie Porter

    Lindy–Coach Porter and I believe in you and you are a fighter…You are a dear person to many esp to that son Beren that you will hold any day now. You are a special teacher to so many students, a wonderful friend, a loving wife and a super Mother. All of us in Gallatin believe in you and are praying for you 24/7 to be strongwilled and continue to be a fighter and hold your trust in the Good Lord He will see you thru this ordeal and will make you well again….Prayer is a great Healer…We Love You and will keep you and your family in our prayers…Coach Porter and Connie

  • amanda

    thank you for writing this and helping her create goals. lindy has so many people praying for her and we know she will take every day with new strength.

  • Cindy

    Sweet Lindy….. Miracles happen everyday. Surviving your accident was your first miracle. As you continue to get stronger and stronger I feel very confident that you will fully recover from this tragic accident. God is Good. He is Faithful. You have a huge following of people who are praying for you and who BELIEVE IN YOU!

    Much love,
    Cindy Corn-Harmon

  • Alex

    Lindy: God is never early and He’s never late. He’s always right on time and His plan for you is good.

  • Alex Ho

    Thoughts and prayers are out to you Lindy. You have a loving husband, a loving child and a loving community of people who are ready to support you throughout your new journey. We’re prayin’ for you and can’t wait to hear about you holding baby Beren! Let’s show Beren how ridiculously awesome strength and love can be.

  • Jordan

    “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop
    to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through
    this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'” Eleanor Roosevelt

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Lindy. I believe.

  • McClain

    I don’t know you Lindy but I’m praying for you. We worship the same God and know He is our almighty comforter & healer. Praying for your first goal to be met soon. Holding your sweet baby.

  • Terisha

    Lindy…I don’t know you but This I do know…you will overcome this and hold that precious gift God gave you again…In the Name of Jesus!!!!!!!!

  • Sheila

    Hi Lindy, I am Kristy Watts mother, Sheila Jones. I remember meeting you at Kristy’s baby shower. Kristy treasures your friendship and tells me what a great person you are. Your baby Baren is precious. He has beautiful eyes! I pray for your strength to return and I truly believe that you will hold your precious son and do so much more. God is good and he will see you and your family through this. I’m praying for you every day. My sincere best wishes, Sheila Jones

  • Chip and Shell

    Love you Lindy! We believe you can do this and will pray for you each day!

  • Coach Passen

    Lindy, you have always been a strong person. Ms. Sheryl and I are praying for your healing and know that God is with you and Chad.

  • Susan Barlow

    Thank you for leaving such a great blog! Lindy was a sorority sister of mine & such a LIGHT in our sorority & at Georgetown College!!! Many, many prayers for the Cunninghams!

  • kat

    there is nothing stronger than love and sheer will. I believe in you, Lindy!

  • Kedric

    Lindy I believe in you. I believe that you will fight and overcome whatever adversity you are facing right now. I believe you will be an inspiration to many and I believe in your strength. I believe this life changing event will change the life of others. I believe in you.

    You are an over-comer and my prayers goes out to you. Keep on fighting Lindy.

  • Kinard6

    Lindy, May God bless you with peace and comfort. I pray you will be strengthened by His presence and that He will hold your family close to Jim.

    • Kinard6


  • lorrie

    Lindy CAN do it!! Love , faith and strength will get you through this difficult time!!! And you WILL hold your sweet baby again and soon!!!! Praying for you continually!!!

  • Belinda Winters

    Lindy, I pray that God will wrap you in his loving arms. He will give you strength to face each new challenge each day. I pray that he will do miracles in your life. I pray for you and your wonderful family.
    In Christian love,
    Belinda Winters

  • JesusRx

    One day at a time, God is with you. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Praying you are able to hold your baby soon. Prayers to your whole family. The “Great Physician” knows all your needs.

  • Dena Payne

    I believe in Lindy . . . I don’t typically share something so personal to me, but I promised myself and our God that I would share my story when appropriate . . . and this is one of those times. I will do my best to be brief . . . I was 28 years old & given less than a month to live. I had been running 3 miles a day, 3 times a week and just could not get over “being tired”, unexplained bruises, dizziness, etc. I was in young, in shape, and otherwise healthy. I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I too, had a young son about 14 months old. As sick as I was, ALL I could think about was how much in love I was with this child. The thought of not being able to hold him, feed him, see him grow up, play sports, etc. was just unimaginable. I like you Lindy, was a fighter! I had people praying for me just as there are many praying for you. God IS in control of this situation. As hard as it may be at times, in your darkest hour, don’t you ever think for one minute you are alone. YOU ARE NOT! The love we have for our children is so different, so deep & so unconditional. Every time you look at Beren, you pull strength from him. I am a big believer in speaking faith over our future. When you look into his eyes, you tell yourself that “you are going to get through this, you are strong in the Lord, full of love, hope & confidence. I want you to say out loud every single day you wake up that “something good is going to happen to me today” and with the Grace of God I WILL get through it. I told myself everyday that I wanted to get better, to hold my son, to kiss his precious little face and I could go on and on. Lindy, I am Chaz Payne’s mother. He was and is still today my rock. Our relationship is just super special because I have been able to share with him “our story”, just as you will be able to share yours with Beren. There is NOTHING like the love of a mother and her son. I will pray daily for you and the entire family. I believe in you Lindy :)

  • Robert

    Stay strong, dont give up.There may be days when it is a struggle, but stay strong and believe in yourself. Keep faith and god bless!

  • Linda Lane

    Over 20 years ago my baby sister had a very bad accident on July 8th and was transported by Life Flight to Erlanger. They gave her an 8% chance to survive, and discouraged us from going there, we went anyway. She was in a coma for a short time, we talked to her and took her recordings of her children until she was better; they were amazed that she survived. She had swelling on her brain, punctured lungs, fractured ribs and her arm was dislocated. We were told she would probably be a vegetable and that she would never walk. The morning they were so negative I had told her husband that something good was going to happen, they were giving us a negative report and the nurse came and said that she woke up. She spent a few months in ICU at Erlanger and then they decided that she could go to Vanderbilt Stallworth for rehab since it would be closer for the family to visit and be with her thru Rehab. They said they could not explain her progress but still said she would never walk. They even featured her and her husband on a local Chattanooga news show, about how something amazing happened and despite medical expectations she was doing much better than they ever expected. When they got her at Stallworth, they told her she had to first learn to use a wheelchair. She told them she was going to walk, and refused. They finally talked her into rolling the wheelchair down the hall temporarily to transport herself and begin rehab. She kept telling them she wanted to go home and she kept them guessing what she would tell them next. She wanted to go to a reunion in late August and they told her she was not ready, she informed them if they would not let her out for a short stay in August that she would be home for Thanksgiving with her husband Marcus and her family. She was walking and home for Thanksgiving. They were amazed at her progress the whole time, She said Marcus told her that she could make it and her sisters all came to see her and told her she needed to get home and she would. Faith in God, Family, and love can make it happen. My sister had a traumatic brain injury and has some short term memory loss, she has to work at remembering insignificant things that are routine. She has some pain, especially in her shoulder and it helps to keep it warm, but she fought the fight and believed in herself and God’s ability to heal. There are very few days that I do not think of the miracles and the peace that God gave us and the strong feeling of faith I had from the beginning that she would be ok. Keep faith and believe in her, yourself, family and God.

  • Jenn

    Lindy, I too am a new mom and know the incredible love that you have for your son. I KNOW without a doubt that with hard work and some help from God that you will again hold your sweet little man again soo. I will be praying everyday for this and more for you. Keep fighting, we are all cheering for you.

  • Tracey

    Lindy, I know there are lots of people praying and pulling for you so just keep smiling and stay positive and know that everything is going to be fine just one day at a time!

  • Daniel

    Hi I saw this randomly on my news feed and just finished reading the blog. I am a wrestler in HS and one of my secret fears some days is spinal injury. But your developing story or new journey has given me a new view on so called accidents that happen. I will be praying for you and your recovery, and that God blesses you with a strong will that most don’t have.

  • robbi freeman

    Lindy, My family is praying for you and your beautiful family.

  • Marilyn Henderson

    I believe in Lindy! Lindy is strong in Jesus and those who are in Jesus are never alone. We are praying for you! Stay strong and know you are never alone. You are loved and prayed for. Marilyn at sces

  • Bob

    Lindy, I pray God our Father will give you the peace that surpasses all peace. I pray that God will give you your desires, but more importantly that His plan will be the map for your life. I pray that you will be able to hold that little man very soon. I will pray for you every day. God Bless you and your family.

  • Mary

    Lindy, You will be able to hold your little boy again soon. Just believe and your will achieve. We are all pulling for you!!!!

  • Judy Horn

    Lindy, I am a friend of your mom’s from high school. I remember her love and faith in God from those times and I know that you have that love and faith too. Prayers are being lifted up for you and your family. Put your faith and trust in him and all will be well. Sincerely, Judy

  • BeksDD

    Go Lindy! Thinking and praying for you! May the Lord bless you and keep you in your new journey, and may all your friends and family encourage you and uplift you as you begin the road to recovery!

  • Jolene

    Lindy, We love you and we are praying for you and Chad. I just want you to know that we believe in you and we especially believe in our heavenly Father. Just know that we are there for you through this.

  • Danielle Vandiver

    Lindy – love abounds your way from Colorado – love from family

  • pegbur7

    Chad and Lindy are friends with my daughter. She called me last night and shared Lindy’s story with me. I am going to post this link on my Facebook page too so that Lindy will know that we are ALL pulling for her and hoping and praying she stays strong and that someday soon she will be holding her precious baby Beren again. Thank you for sharing her story.

  • ksm

    I admired you so much when you were an undergraduate in my classes years ago. I know you have the determination and strength to be successful now. All of us at GC believe in you and look forward to seeing photos of you and your son together soon. ksm

  • Micca Campbell

    Sweet Lindy, It’s Micca Campbell from Parkway. We’ve been praying for you since we heard about the accident. News about your sweet spirit as a patient as spread. I just smiled. I know the light inside you and you let it shine for all to see.
    I want to reassure you that God is aware of everything you’re going through–even those feelings you can’t express to anyone–He knows. He cares. He’s at work on your behalf. He’s the doctor’s hands, the nurses care…. He’s in every note, card, gift, hug and prayer. He is your strength. Rest in Him. He loves you and so do we. Praying you though, the Campbell’s

  • Jillian (Mayo) Brawley

    Lindy, you have always been such a kind and generous person! I know that you are a wonderful Mother and you will use all your strength to hold that precious baby boy again! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Chad both! May God wrap his arms around you and guide you in your new path!!!

  • Debra Belford

    Lindsey, I believe in the strength of prayer and positive thinking. I believe you will be holding your beautiful baby boy soon. I will be praying for you and your family! Continue to stay strong, Debbie Belford
    Autumn Nystroms Mother

  • Beckie Fender Petty

    Lindy, Stay strong, keep faith, miracles happen every moment of everyday.Believe in and push yourself for them to arise for you. Stay strong, stay focused on the goal of getting you home with your husband and baby. You will be in our hearts and prayers everyday! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

  • Clinard Home Improvement

    Praying for Lindy!!!! Praying for Chad!!! Praying for Beren!!!!

  • Karen Shoulders

    I believe in Lindy. She is beautiful and strong. I absolutely love her. You have God to depend on and family and friends who care so deeply about you. I am praying for you, Chad and Beren. You are on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers. I believe in you and I believe in miracles.

    Love, Your Friend Karen Shoulders

  • leigh380

    Have faith and stay strong Lindy!

  • Dana Cutright

    I believe in Lindy and I know God does. What an amazing story, blog, post, whatever you want to call it. If only you knew how I found out about this (ironically through a Craigslist ad we placed and the person who called shared this story). Anyway, I know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I pray God gives Lindy, her husband, family and friends, strength to walk through this journey and that He brings amazing healing over her! I look forward to hearing her testimony! God speed, Lindy.

  • Julie DeGarlais

    I have never met Lindy just her amazing family. Lindy, you have a great family and an ADORABLE little boy. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you make your recovery. -Julie D. (Idaho Falls Hampton Inn)

  • Rhonda Bruce

    Lindy, I pray that you have peace and through God’s strength you will come through this tragedy. You stay strong!

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  • Sarah

    Prayers with her

  • ciara heneghan

    She sounds like my kind of chica…. strong and mentally motivated no matter what and I wish her the recovery she needs and deserves but to begin with…. I wish for her to be able to achieve goal number one… hold baby breen :)

  • anika

    Lindy, you can do this. Your foundation has been set. Go for broke – your baby awaits his mommy’s touch.

  • Shania

    Heartfelt & awesome story, I believe in Lindy!

  • nurseponytail

    May GOD be with Lindy and I Know baby will be in her arms soon. Thank you for sharing this imcredible story of an incredible lady.

  • Mike Cunningham

    I had never heard of Adam Bornstein before Lindy’s accident,but he has surely earned a place in my heart. I am sure that when he wrote her story that he could have never imagined the movement that it would start.As I made my way to Idaho to see Lindy everybody that found out what we were doing started asking about her.I directed them to Born’s story and watched as many looked it up before we even got out of sight.Lindy is one of the most precious and amazing people that you would ever have the pleasure of knowing.She has always been that way.When you see all the comments and emails and text messages you realize how many people that she has touched.She is a child of God and she is quick to tell you about her faith.A faith that has not wavered for one minute through this terrible ordeal.She says that she has not been afraid because she knows that her God will take care of her and because she feels all the prayers..I have been blessed with the most wonderful daughter in law that a man could ever hope for.She is a wonderful wife,a loving mom,a great friend to all she knows.Anytime you see Lindy,you leave better than you came.
    I want to thank Born, and all of you who have been so kind,for all of your prayers,thoughts,and compassion.Please continue to keep Lindy,Chad,and Beren in your prayers.And know that you have made a difference. With lots of love and appreciation,Mike Cunningham

  • Peggy521

    Lindy, if you are reading this then I will share a story of a miracle and you will know that you will be one too. My husband left for work on April 12, 2009 just like he had for 42 years and I never gave it another thought until the phone rang and our son said Mom, I can’t get Dad at work. I asked if he had tried the signal ring and he said he had and I said let me try and we hung up. I tried several times then I called our son back and he said I wanted to see if he was caught up in the traffic on the interstate from the wreck but he couldn’t get him to answer his cell phone either and I said I had tried it also. I said let’s keep trying and we hung up. I immediately called my work ( I don’t know why) and I said to my boss LeAnn, I’m not coming in Doug’s been in a wreck and I don’t know how to find out anything but I’ve got to try. She had heard about the wreck and said, call Chuck Dills.Funny I didn’t think of him as he is actually my neighbor, and the county Sheriff. I hung up without even saying goodbye and looked up his number and called him. He said he didn’t know if it was Doug but would call me and hung up. Within seconds the phone rang and the terrible news that I already knew was delivered,” It is Doug and they are aircaring him to University Hospital, Do you need me to take you?” I answered no that I needed to reach our son and daughter and hung up. Now Lindy, this is where it gets interesting! As I sank into the chair thinking what am I going to do first? I picked up the phone…I felt a heavy hand on my left shoulder and I heard,yes I heard, THE VOICE OF GOD, say,” he will be okay. Do what you have to do.” With that the hand left my shoulder and there was no other sounds. I called my son and got in my car and went to my daughter’s house got her & her husband and we slowly, painfully slowly, due to the traffic backed up for miles made our way to the hospital. When we got there we were met with the news he was in a coma with a 4% chance of living and I said,” please take me to him,” the doctor looked at me as if I had 2 heads and said in an incredible voice,” did you not hear what I said he only has a 4% chance of living.” and I looked him dead in the eyes and said,” he’s going to live take me to him.” Nothing prepared me for the sight I was about to see: his head was the size of a basketball, his left ear was almost cut off ,he had a large cut in the left side of his face, he had blunt force brain injury frontal lobe, broken shoulder, broken jaw,8 broken ribs, collapsed lung, too many cuts and bruises to count, his left eye was bulging out of his face because the orbital bone was broken and his private parts were the size of softballs and black, he was unconscious ( praise God)and I’m sure that is not all but it is all I remember 3 years later,but God had told me he was going to be okay and I was holding on to that for dear life. My children both are grown had not had an encounter with God and did not know that I had because I hadn’t told them because I was in such shock I could hardly talk, but my 3 year old granddaughter had told my son and daughter in-law to quit crying that she had talked to Jesus and Papaw was going to be okay(out of the mouths of babes). Anyway anyone who knew me expected me to be an emotional wreck and I was not. For weeks I argued with the doctors when they said he wouldn’t make it. Then when they finally decided he was going to live they painted a terrible picture of the future for him and again I argued he was going to be okay…my children thought it was shock, the doctors thought I was irrational, but I knew he was going to be okay. Doug had never been sick in the 40 years we were married. He had never been to the doctor but probably 3 times and that was for a physical or the flu. He was disgustingly healthy, very sports minded and active, didn’t drink never smoked…healthy. Plus there again I had been assured he was going to be okay, but now I asked myself what did okay mean there were lots of things okay could mean,but I didn’t worry it didn’t matter, he was alive and that was okay anything else was a plus! He went through a rehab program at Drake Rehabilitation Hospital in Cincinnati and at first didn’t do well then they discovered a blood clot on the brain, did a drain hole, and the very next day he walked, from then on he improved. Is he the old Doug? NO absolutely not It changed his emotions they are flat, it changed what he likes and dislikes, and made him OCD .Changed his personality slightly, but all of these little things we can & have adjusted to. He lived he was okay. Oh by the way did I say he was driving a Chevy Cobalt and was rearended by a Semi- Truck doing 60 miles per hour. You might want to know why I bored you with this story. I want you to know that he is one of God’s MIRACLES and I believe you will be too.I read that you have a strong work ethic and are strong willed and I firmly believe that strength plays a big part in healing and rehabilitating. After watching the rehabilitation process first hand and how hard they work you I know it is going to take every ounce of strength and determination you can muster, but it’s also going to take something else. It’s going to take a strong faith and belief in God. Lindy, I urge you and your family to rely on His strength as well as yours each and everyday and He will see that you too are OKAY. Will you be 100% if it is His will and His plan, if not then He has something better in mind so hang on because His plans are sometimes a lot harder than ours would be. May He bless you and your family richly . Out of Doug’s accident I have formed a prayer ministry and I have added you to it, I hope you do not mind. Our prayer warriors are very faithful and very strong and as Doug says you can never have enough prayer…this from a man I begged every Sunday of our married life to attend church with me and he wouldn’t,but he now does,because that was another part of God’s plan! God Bless
    Peggy Whalen (Elizabeth Rich Lawrence’s Aunt by marriage)

  • Kimberly

    Praying for you Lindy!

  • Bill

    May God bless you Lindy with ever greater inner strength and the knowledge, just like in training ….you ALWAYS have people cheering you on !!