Life Happens

Sometimes I get too busy to exercise.
Or I don’t feel like eating healthy. 
Some days, I don’t hit my macros and I don’t really care. 
I’ve felt fat before even though I’m not. 
I’ve felt weak before, although no one would ever tell me I am. 
I’ve disliked how I’ve looked and been frustrated by my efforts.
My sleep, well, it could use a lot of work. 

What does it all mean?

I’m human. I’m flawed. I have insecurities (Yes, even as a guy). And I’m not perfect. And sometimes I’m just really hard on myself because I know I can be better.

But you know what? I no longer let these fleeting moments bother me because I can put them in context and not let them overwhelm me.

We all have bad days. Sometimes we all feel bad about ourselves even when we have NO reason to do so. I wish it never happened, but the way to lessen those tough moments is to create a better context of “health.”

One of the bigger problems in this industry is that we have too many details to worry about that we lose sight of what really matters. We stress over all the small things and, in doing so, living a “healthy life” feels like a burden.

The outcome: we either reject the healthy behaviors or become obsessed to the point that it controls other areas of our lives.

Life happens. Breathe. Enjoy. Go with it. Don’t set your standard at perfection.

The end game is not mastering diet and exercise or making it everything in your life. It’s understanding how it should play a part in your happiness and making sure you can experience the type of life you want.

Your fitness or nutrition plan should have two priorities:

  1. Make you happy
  2. Be sustainable and designed for the long run.

It’s up to you to determine what that looks like. Whether it’s training 5 days a week and working until you can see your abs, or just being healthy enough to play with your kids and feel good in your own skin.

You want to be healthy? Start by simplifying your approach and making it easier for you to succeed.

And that means not letting the bad days crush you. They happen to us all.  You’re not alone. You’re not lazy. And you’re not a bad person.

Life happens. Your job isn’t to control it all. It’s to live and enjoy.

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