Salmon Burgers

You love burgers. I love burgers. But sometimes it’s enjoyable to step outside the traditional meat patty and create something that is just as flavorful and enjoyable, but can easily fit into anyone’s diet plan. Enter the salmon burger. High in protein and healthy fats, and when combined with the right flavors, still incredibly delicious. […]


Healthy Pumpkin Pie

I’m a big believer in dessert. Whether it’s for a cheat day or just how it fits into your life, I don’t believe that any diet needs to be one of complete restriction. We spend so much time shaming every food imaginable (cookies, cakes, bagels, muffins, red meat, cereal, eggs…you get the point) that it’s […]


Are Avocados Healthy?

They’re considered high in fat and calories. But are avocados healthy? New research says yes, and suggests it might be best for you to enjoy them every day.


Born in the Kitchen: Cinnamon-Vanilla Protein Cake Batter

I’m not sure when it happened, but in my ongoing attempts to make “healthy living” a little more fun—and a little more delicious—I transformed my cooking taste within my home from Foreman grill to fine cuisine. I won’t lie and profess myself as one of the world’s greatest cooks. In fact, my variations of fine cuisine […]