Writing What Hasn’t Been Written: Engineering The Alpha

How many times have you picked up a book and ended up disappointed? I know I have. More times than I’d like to admit, in fact. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, a movie, or even a sporting event (Hey, I’m a Cubs fan and the biggest CU Buffs fan on the planet—and both win about as often…well, they just don’t win much.), we have been programmed to be let down by where we spend our money.

Which is why I decided about two years ago that I would stop writing books just to write books. That’s not to say I’m not proud of what I’ve written. Or that people will be let down by what I’ve published. I’m proud of my work and those books have helped many people and taught me a lot about publishing and the fitness industry.

This decision was about adding more value to the work I created. A book shouldn’t just be about workouts. It should create conversation. The dialogue shouldn’t be what you can find in a magazine—it should be written with it’s own unique voice. And purpose. A great book should be a good investment. Entertainment at its finest. Whether you agree or not with everything in the book, you should be happy that you spent your money. Feel rewarded in your investment. And walk away thinking, “Yeah, I’d do that again.”

One of my favorite “health” books is The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Do I agree with everything in the book? No. Same can be said of the China Study, 4-Hour Body, Born to Run or The Paleo Solution. But all of them made me think, entertained me, and were worth my time.

Ultimately, this is why I teamed up with John Romaniello to write Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha. I wanted to write what hadn’t been written. I wanted to cover topics that hadn’t been discussed. Raise issues that make you think. Entertain you in ways that you didn’t think you could be entertained. And in the end—regardless of whether you agree with everything we write—we wanted you to walk away feeling like you would buy the book again. Or read something else from us again. After all, the work is a representation of us.  Alpha 3D

This book is everything my others are not and reestablishes a standard for what all books should be. It’s raw. It’s different. And it’s filled with a bunch of stuff you haven’t seen me discuss in major magazines. That’s why I’m so excited to share it with you. And my hope is that you’ll buy it.

A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life

I don’t hide my intentions with this project: I want it to be a New York Times bestseller. And for that I need your help. I’ve built my reputation on providing high-quality information, and this book is no different. We’ve included more than 50 published studies in this book, and interviewed top experts. We also put more than 300 people through the test program so that we knew our diet and workout approach would work for you. Is the information bulletproof? No. Some are battled tested and other parts are controversial. But all of it will help you see the bigger picture clearer than ever before. And it will allow us to break down some of the barriers that stand in the way of better health, more muscle, and less fat. Or as we say: It is a Real World Guide to An Unreal Life.

I also want this book to hit the top because of what it represents: A commitment to rewarding you for the money you spend on the book. And a representation of what a book should be.

Writing has been watered down over the years and the value or journalists (and writers and editors) has been diluted by the online space. No one loves the Internet more than I do, and I think it’s the greatest platform in the world for writers (especially self-publishing). At the same time, many have taken advantage of this and not taken the time or effort to hone their efforts and write in a way that people enjoy. We did not take that approach.

This book was a labor of love. It is a throwback and a step forward. We honor literary theory, philosophers, and great prose. At the same time, we use viral techniques and throw in the occasional F-bomb because, well, that’s just how we talk. And as Joel Goodson once said (Risky Business, if you’re lost by the reference),

“Sometimes you just have to say, ‘What the fuck.’ Make your move.”

The Only Way to Find Out…

We’ve made our move with this book. As part of my dedication to provide added value, we’ve made sure that if you buy a book you get more value than any other book you’ve ever purchased. We’ve added bonuses that range from free workout bags and a year supply of supplements, to online apps, food discounts, workout equipment, and free t-shirts.

Basically when you buy a book, we’ve made it impossible for you to regret your purchase.

So buy a book. Buy three and give some to your friends.  This is our version of a book launch. The Alpha Launch. Fun. Different. And designed to leave you satisfied and wanting more.

Let’s turn the game around. Let’s allow everyone to read this book, break through barriers, and approach health in a new way. A better way. Because clearly what we are doing is not working. And I’m tired of it. This step 1 of the solution. And that step is progressive thought and conversation.

Grab a copy and your free bonuses here.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support. And let me know if we did our job and created the type of book you enjoy. If you do, post it on Facebook.

Make it Count,


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