Better Workouts: How to Master The Pullup

Pullups are the ultimate test of relative body strength. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, here’s how to do more and see progress. We’ve all heard the old adage “You’ve got to learn how to crawl before you can learn how to walk.” Nothing could be more accurate in the gym. Unfortunately, when it comes […]


Does Fitness Make You Unhappy?

Let’s assume for one moment this isn’t a blog post. It’s a conversation that you’re watching. I’m not a writer. You’re not a reader. This is real life. And this is the conversation that hurts to the core maybe more than any other conversation I have in fitness. Why? Because it’s a reflection of what […]


Strength Is Not Always the Answer

If I could go back in time to when I first started lifting weights, I’d do everything differently. Back then, I was so worried about finding the right plan for me that I missed out on the two most fundamental aspects of exercise: movement and strength. Movement is easy to figure out, and yet mostly misunderstand. […]


Confessions of a Trainer: Your Workout Is Not Your Problem

How many motivational clichés does it take to get in shape? Whatever it takes. This is the type of (sarcastic) feedback that makes exercise so frustrating. Lots of talk that sounds good, but nothing that definitively shows you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Most fitness information is a […]


How Often Should I Change Reps?

Ever since muscle confusion became a popular term, there’s been a big debate about how often you need to adjust your workouts. For most people, the number of reps you perform are shockingly similar. In a survey of 100 people (equal gender split), 83 percent said they normally perform 8 to 10 reps per exercise. […]


Why Born Fitness Online Coaching

Many people write every day to inquire about the Born Fitness online coaching experience. The hard part for me is that I never want to “sell” what we do. I want the service I provide to meet the needs of what a potential client desires. Still, people have questions, so who better to answer than […]

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