No Equipment Home Workouts: Fat Loss Edition

Not every workout needs to occur at a gym, take 60 minutes, or even require any equipment. When I’m on the road, whether for business or pleasure, finding a fitness facility isn’t top priority. Or if I’m at home and tied to my desk, I’m not going to stress about getting dressed and ready to train. But none of those are reasons why I can’t still find a time to sneak in a quick workout. And for someone who is on the road nearly every week, this is a necessity and a realistic approach to prioritizing health.

That’s when bodyweight workouts get the job done. When done right, these should be quick, effective, and leave you feeling like you pushed yourself…all without ever leaving your home.

Here’s one of my favorite bodyweight circuits. It’s perfect for any situation where you literally have no equipment available, but still want an effective workout. The rest periods make it preferable for a fat loss routine or just to get your heart rate elevated and feel like you pushed your body and became a little bit better. Set your timer for 30 minutes or less because that’s all you’ll need.

How to perform this workout

This can serve as two separate programs or one total body workout. Perform all sets in order. That is, do one set of an exercise, rest the prescribed amount of time, and then repeat. Once all sets are complete, then move on to the next exercise.

Lower Body Workout

1) Skater Squat or bodyweight squat – 3 x 15-20 reps (60 seconds rest)
2) 1-Leg Hip Thrust – 3 x 12 reps (30 seconds rest)
3) Alternating lunges – 3 x 45-60 seconds (30 seconds rest)
4) Side Plank – 3 x 30 second hold per side (45 seconds rest)

Upper Body Workout

1)Inchworms 3 x 10-12 (60 seconds rest)
2) Feet Elevated Pushup -3 x 10-20 reps x (60 seconds rest)
3) Close Grip Pushup 3 x AMAP (as many reps as possible) x (60 seconds rest)
3) Burpees: 3 x 10 reps (60 seconds rest)

A Solution for Failed Fat Loss

A weight loss plan doesn’t have to be a world of false promises and hype. Much like the home workout, the best approach is one that is both practical and challenging.

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  1. Fat loss exercise without equipment requires lots of effort but the results you gain from these exercise what you have mentioned in this article will be long lasting. keep it up.

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