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the ultimate ceviche recipe

The Ultimate Ceviche Recipe

It’s a snack. It’s a meal. And it goes great with chips. There are few options that are both as healthy and flavorful as ceviche. This simple recipe  loads up on the protein and allows you to cook this in about 20 minutes. The hard part: Waiting for it to marinate in the fridge without digging…… More

the fitness divide

The Fitness Divide

I almost punched someone in the gym. And in some ways I’m upset I didn’t. Only doing so would have only made one of the more recent fitness trends even worse. I was in the gym for a weekend lift. The gym was a little busier than usual, but typical for the time of day.…… More

kick ass workout

Should Your Workout Kick Your Ass?

If you were to ask me to choose the one thing most people could improve in the gym my answer would be “Intensity.” Problem is, when I suggest workouts need to be harder, most interpret that as meaning more sets, reps, or hours in the gym. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Intensity doesn’t hinge…… More

high protein nachos

High Protein Healthier Nachos

When you think nachos, the last thing that probably comes to mind is “healthy.” Maybe it’s the chips, the cheese, the sour cream, and more topping than you can imagine. (Did I mention the cheese?) But nachos don’t have to be a bad snack. In fact, they can be a protein loaded meal, if you…… More

the BMI myth

Dieting Mistakes

Sometimes I’m frustrated when people become angry about the word “diet.” As I’ve said many times before, if you eat you have a diet. It’s that simple. But I understand that when people think about diets they imagine restrictions, hunger, and lack of results. In that scenario the word diet sucks. And yet, you still…… More


Health and Fitness Power Rankings: Diet Wars

The good, the bad, and the in-between in the world of health and fitness. It was a confusing week for diets. On one hand, you had a popular study about low carb vs. low fat diets slammed by basically every blogger. On the other, you had maybe one of the more refreshing pieces of science…… More

high protein pina colada

High Protein Piña Colada

If you want a great protein shake, the process isn’t very hard. Tossing together chocolate protein powder + a banana + peanut butter is as simple and delicious as you’ll find. Same goes for vanilla powder + berries. The magic of the protein shake occurs when you stray outside the typical flavors and recreate drinks…… More

life happens

Life Happens

Sometimes I get too busy to exercise.Or I don’t feel like eating healthy. I have bigger priorities than going to the gym.Some days, I don’t hit my macros and I don’t really care. I’ve felt fat before even though I’m not. I’ve felt weak before, although no one would ever tell me I am. I’ve disliked how I’ve looked…… More

goat cheese omelet

Jalapeno and Goat Cheese Omelet

If you search “Adam Bornstein” in Google, one of the top suggested searches is “eggs.” For most humans that might seem odd. But considering that I’m known for my love of all things scrambles, omelets, and benedict, it should really come as no surprise. After all, I’m the same guy who once ate 3 eggs…… More


High Protein Sweet Potato Chili

In the pantheon of great all-purpose recipes, chili has to rank in the Top 10. It works as lunch, dinner, a snack, a side, and has so many variations that there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, if you have a slow cooker, it requires no cooking talent to make a delicious meal. (Note: I think…… More