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diet dangers?

Why Are We Fat?

Which is worse: Fat or Sugar?  Both have been identified in books, conferences, and even research as the reason and answer to the question everyone tries to answer: “Why are we fat?” The real answer is that the question, or more appropriately the mindset of how to “fix” eating habits, is the biggest problem and…… More

too busy

Are You Too Busy to Work Out? Me Too.

4:37 a.m. I don’t know why I always timestamp my articles when I write, but this one seems especially meaningful now that I just glanced at the clock again and it’s 4:54 am and all I’ve written is: lkandfopinpoianqvaoperwnvopin That’s 17 minutes of masterful prose from a New York Times best selling author. The thing is,…… More

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What is #FitnessLives?

“By the year 2020 it’s estimated that 83 percent of men and 72 percent of women will either by overweight or obese…and 5 million death will be attributable to being overweight and obese.” I remember reading that statement several years ago while going through some research and predictions from the World Health Organization. I remember…… More

feel good

The Instant Health Boost

There’s a classic scene in the movie Big Daddy where Adam Sandler tries to convince his father—a lawyer who thinks Sandler is completely incompetent and a “drain on society”—why he should be able to “keep” a small child who he illegally took in as his own, even though he was not the biological father. (If…… More

lift weights faster

Wild Thang Workout: The 20-Minute, Fat Burning Circuit

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was the editorial director for a brand that I helped turn into the largest health site on the web. It was a monumental task trying to transform a site that had many questions about the content into a place that was respected. During that time, the greatest…… More


The Born Fitness Tournament Challenge

What does the NCAAA Tournament have to do with fitness and health? Technically nothing. Sure, the players are fit and athletic, but let’s be honest: NCAA brackets are a seasonal social experience that is both entertaining and engaging. The brackets are fun and the make the games more enjoyable too.  Besides, what’s better than a…… More

workout illusion tire

The Illusion of the Great Workout

The best programs I’ve ever written are the ones that I rarely share with new clients. The programs aren’t what you’d expect. No special equipment, crazy exercises, or new movements never seen before. Nothing that immediately screams, “This is a great workout.” It’s usually just 6 to 10 exercises total, spread across 3 to 4…… More


4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

Becoming stronger—just like building muscle or burning fat—is not rocket science, but it is exercise science. There’s a way to make sure you improve and many (many) more ways to ensure that you don’t. And if past experience is any indication, the two biggest limitations to strength are either: A)  What you’re putting on the…… More

protein danger?

Do High Protein Diets Cause Early Death?

All food is not created equal. The burger served to you at McDonald’s is not the same as the organic, free-range patty you grabbed at your farmer’s market. The foods you eat, should never been viewed in isolation. Just mashing together proteins, carbs, and fats in the meal can change the way you look, but…… More

nutrient timing

The Truth About Nutrient Timing

When I first started lifting weights back in the 90s, I had a very interesting habit. At the time, I was living in my parent’s house (I was still a teenager) and I would train in our basement. My workouts were absolute crap. A combination of bench presses, more bench presses, and curls. For good…… More