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The LateNight Eating Myth

Eating At Night Does Not Make You Fat

Breakfast has long been touted as the king of all meals. In fact, many diet experts have hypothesized it’s the most important meal of the day. Many of those opinions were sparked by a University of Massachusetts medical school study that found people who routinely skipped breakfast had a significantly higher incidence of obesity than those…… More

breaking down low carbs

No Carbs Diet: The Flaw in Fat Loss

“I made a terrible, terrible mistake.” The year was 2006. I was training a few people while in grad school and I had admittedly become wrapped up in the world of low carb evangelicalism. Before I go any farther know this: I’m not anti-low carb. I still prescribe that approach when it’s necessary.  But low carb…… More

dessert myth2

Eat The Damn Dessert

Back in 2008 I did a story for Men’s Health where I got crazy lean. Originally the story was supposed to be about “How to lose the last 10 pounds.” But being that this was for a major magazine, the focus took on a similar premise: getting abs. During a 12-week process, I worked my…… More


How Many Eggs Are Safe to Eat?

I’m known for many things: my love of nut butters, writing books and creating content for health and fitness brands, and being a passionate supporter for the University of Colorado. Above them all, many people still know me as “the egg guy.” It started in graduate school when low funds made it necessary to survive on a…… More

bodyweight fat loss

Bodyweight Workouts For Fat Loss: Do They Work?

Every month I write a column for Muscle & Fitness magazine called “Born Fit.” In it, I answer real questions asked by real people on Twitter. These are my unedited answers to those questions. If you want to potentially be featured in the magazine tweet at me and ask a question using the hashtag #BornFit and #AskBorn. -AB …… More


Why Born Fitness Online Coaching

Many people write every day to inquire about the Born Fitness online coaching experience. The hard part for me is that I never want to “sell” what we do. I want the service I provide to meet the needs of what a potential client desires. Still, people have questions, so who better to answer than…… More

apple toddy

Healthier Holiday Alcoholic Drinks

We all know that alcoholic drinks aren’t “healthy.” Yeah, some people will make the case for red wine, (with seemingly overrated claims of resveratol) but alcohol is what it is. You drink to be social. You drink to celebrate. You drink to drown your sorrows. Healthy or not, it’s a part of life. As with…… More

almond balls

Protein Almond Snack Balls

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner always seem to be the easiest meals to figure out. (With lunch tending to be the most the difficult to keep “healthy.”) But for most people, especially those in the working world, finding healthy snacks is oftentimes a frustrating challenge. Whether it’s the deceptively unhealthy “100-calorie” packs, or offices providing fuel…… More

shopping organic

Ask Born: Do Organic Foods Help Fat Loss?

I love Whole Foods, my local famer’s market, and do my best to purchase products from the best sources, including organic foods. That said, slapping organic on a label does not mean it will help you lose weight or slash fat, and in some instances it won’t even guarantee that a food is “healthy.” After…… More

Born Fitness

The Born Fitness Approach to Health and Fitness

If you want to know the real story of Born Fitness, this is where it all starts. This post was originally published on, but after questions about “what’s your background” became overwhelming, I thought it was time to share this here. -AB Oh Shit. I forgot to take a breath, closed my eyes, and…… More