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Born Fitness

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fasted cardio

Understanding Fasted Cardio and Fat Loss

Editor’s note: Every month I write a column for Muscle & Fitness magazine called “Born Fit.” In it, I answer real questions asked by real people on Twitter. This post focuses on deloads, “off weeks,” and how to schedule your rest. This is an unedited answer to one of those questions. If you want to potentially be featured…… More


Are You Really Overtraining? (Or Just A Little Sore)

If you watch the right reality television shows, you can learn a lot about how to be a better athlete. I’m not talking about Real Housewives of the world. I’m talking Hard Knocks—quite possibly the best “reality” show on television. (Personal note: Shark Tank is also up there.) Beyond the raw footage of NFL players…… More

chicken&broccoli diet

Do Your Really Need to Eat Chicken and Broccoli?

It started with an article called, The Most Dangerous Diets. “It” was my frustration with the type of content I was creating for big media brands that reached tens of millions of people. In theory, there was nothing wrong with what was written. The article had a Buzzfeed virality that was one-part education, the other…… More

why diet and exercise is not working

Your Diet and Exercise Plan Is Not Working. Here’s Why.

Here’s some health advice you won’t see mentioned anywhere: most fitness and diet tips are limited. They are the fuel to living a better life, but they are not the engine. In other words, good nutrition and an effective exercise plan help and are necessary, but ultimately they are both just pieces of the puzzle. And without…… More

Fix YourSquat

Why Do Squats Hurt? (And How to Fix The Problems)

It’s been called the best exercise for fat loss and muscle gain. It’s also made the list of the most overrated exercises, and many well-known trainers even avoid it completely when they create programs. No matter how you view the back squat, one thing is undeniable: squatting is an essential movement, regardless of whether you perform…… More

RethinkingFat Loss

A New Approach To Fat Loss Nutrition

The easiest way to lose weight is to eat less. The statement is so simple and common, and yet merely telling someone to not stuff their face as often is also incredibly wrong. Sure, if you eat less you’re likely to lose some weight and it’s an important part of the process. But saying “eat…… More

salmon burgers

Salmon Burgers

You love burgers. I love burgers. But sometimes it’s enjoyable to step outside the traditional meat patty and create something that is just as flavorful and enjoyable, but can easily fit into anyone’s diet plan. Enter the salmon burger. High in protein and healthy fats, and when combined with the right flavors, still incredibly delicious.…… More

The LateNight Eating Myth

Eating At Night Does Not Make You Fat

Breakfast has long been touted as the king of all meals. In fact, many diet experts have hypothesized it’s the most important meal of the day. Many of those opinions were sparked by a University of Massachusetts medical school study that found people who routinely skipped breakfast had a significantly higher incidence of obesity than those…… More

breaking down low carbs

No Carbs Diet: The Flaw in Fat Loss

“I made a terrible, terrible mistake.” The year was 2006. I was training a few people while in grad school and I had admittedly become wrapped up in the world of low carb evangelicalism. Before I go any farther know this: I’m not anti-low carb. I still prescribe that approach when it’s necessary.  But low carb…… More

dessert myth2

Eat The Damn Dessert

Back in 2008 I did a story for Men’s Health where I got crazy lean. Originally the story was supposed to be about “How to lose the last 10 pounds.” But being that this was for a major magazine, the focus took on a similar premise: getting abs. During a 12-week process, I worked my…… More