Born Fitness Workouts: The Full-Body Soul Crusher

Each week we share a snapshot of the training and workouts happening in the Born Fitness community. Sometimes it’s my workouts and other times it’ll be individual workouts from within the Born Fitness online coaching program. -AB

The Workout

I call it the “soul crusher,” but it was originally penned, “The Full Body Death Circuit,” by Brian Krahn. I’m currently working on a special project with Brian (who is one heck of a coach too), and this is our metabolic day from hell.

The Overall Workout Plan

This is just one day in a 5-day training cycle. The split is upper, lower, upper-specialty focused, lower-specialty, and metabolic (the full body circuit).

Bonus Tip(s)

  • Your grip is going to give out sometime around the step-ups and the split squats, so prepare to use lighter weights. Then it’s a battle of wits once you hit the lunges.
  • When you rest try to make sure you’re as fully recovered as possible. Intensity is the most important variable in this workout, so don’t rush through your rest period.
  • This workout is great for fat loss and body recomp, and can even be used as a conditioning day in a muscle building workout.

“The Full Body Death Circuit”

How to do it: Perform this workout as a circuit, doing one exercise after another with as little rest as possible. After you complete all 8 exercises, take a 2-4 minute break. Then repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits.

  1. Dumbbell press x 12-15
  2. Two-arm dumbbell rows x 12-15
  3. Dumbbell step ups x 10-12
  4. DB split squats x 10-12
  5. Walking lunge x 30 reps per leg (ugh)
  6. Bodyweight squats x 30 (because your legs don’t want to move)
  7. Pushups x AMAP (as many as possible)
  8. Reverse crunches x 10-15

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