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The Fitness Not To Do List

Picking the right plan is less about finding “the one approach that works” and more about finding “the right approach for you.” It’s a lot easier to accomplish if you avoid all of the garbage information that will lead you farther from your goals.

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Information vs. Application

It’s easy to use “the latest science” as a guide for your healthy living plan. The problem: don’t conflate new science with proven science. A healthy mindset is flexible in the face of convincing evidence.

Halo Top Ice Cream with Phyllo Dough Crust dessert Recipes

Healthy Dessert: Halo Top Ice Cream with Phyllo Dough Crust

To help set healthy habits around dessert (or any food) bring more intention.

Spend time preparing it as an event rather than standing by the freezer with a spoon in the pint of ice cream. Making dessert a ritual instead of a knee-jerk reaction pulls you into the present moment and allows you to experience dessert with all of your senses.

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5 Ways To Fix Your Deadlift

If you want to see benefits —  much like any other exercise — you need to master the movement. The deadlift is not a dangerous exercise, but the key to its safety is making sure you set-up your body the correct way before you pull the weight. 

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